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Here at Butterfly Crazy Town fan site you will find all the information, lyrics and MTV of your favorite song Butterfly from the band Crazy Town from their album "The gift of game" that was release almost ten (10) years ago in 2001.

Butterfly is rap rock song that became number one in 15 countries worldwide and that includes the Billboard hot 100. The song is a combination of original and sample song melody from the Red hot Chili Peppers' song "Pretty Little Ditty" which is purely instrumental.

It wasn't until the third single from the album before they reach the charts. The first two songs that were released prior to the hit song "Butterfly" were "Toxic" and "Darkside" which failed to get the attention of music listeners and the charts. There was also a fourth song that was released but failed to make it in the top 20 which is "Revolving Door".

Butterfly was also patterned and referenced in DJ Paul Oakenfold's song "Starry eyed surprise" in 2002 wherein, the line "freaky, deaky, star speckles and pink butterflies where in a similar manner to the song Butterfly.

The Butterfly Crazy Town song was best known all throughout the year of 2001 wherein it was tagged as the most popular and most played song of that year.

Butterfly Crazy Town hit the U.S. hot 100 chart for two non-consecutive weeks, likewise hitting the Modern Rock Tracks for being on the list for two consecutive weeks and climbing the 3rd spot on the Canadian Singles Chart as well as the UK Singles Chart.

As the song of Crazy Town, Butterfly received positive appreciation from the listeners; it also encountered negative feedbacks from other group of people like ranking 34th on the "Most Awesomely Bad song ever" by VH1 and rated #3 on "Billboard's chart" naming Butterfly as a "One hit Wonders" of the 200's that was compiled in 2009.

The group's front man, Shifty Shellshock wrote Butterfly referring to his current girlfriend by that time whom he was with for 3 years. The song was a merely a pop song for Crazy Town compared to their typically more aggressive rap-rock songs, Butterfly was a big crossover for the group.

The Music Video of Butterfly Crazy Town was directed by the same people behind the movies like "Matrix," and "What Dreams may Come." The lead singer's girlfriend Cynthia also appeared in the video.